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Our AI-powered app provides an immersive language learning experience, simulating conversations with native speakers to help you learn naturally and effectively. always ready to help you master a new language at your own pace.

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Now is the time to enhance your language skills.

With traditional language learning methods, you might feel it‘s too late to start. With Speakong, it’s never too late to master a new language.

  • Learn at any level

    Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, we can help you improve your language skills.

  • Build a comprehensive language portfolio

    Learn different languages to find the most opportunities to communicate globally.

  • Chat in real-time

    Get instant feedback on your language skills and improve them within seconds.

  • Learn from your network

    Invite new friends to learn faster and even beat other users in language proficiency.

  • Encrypted and anonymized

    Cutting-edge security technology that even the NSA doesn’t know about keeps your data safe.

  • Progress tracking

    Watch your language skills grow exponentially, leaving other learners in the dust.

Everyone is changing their life with Speakong.

Thousands of people have level up their langauge speaking in the last 30 days.

Level up your language today

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How do I know the language learning tips are good?

      Our whole business depends on our language learning tips being good, so it’s in our best interest that they are. The results of our users speak for themselves, just trust us.

    • Isn’t this just copying language learning methods?

      Yes exactly. But at scale! Historically you could only learn languages from your direct network. Speakong brings you language learning tips from people you don’t even know.

    • But isn’t copying language learning methods wrong?

      Here’s the thing: you’re the one learning the language, not us. We’re just giving you the tips and some tools to learn. We’re not doing anything wrong here.

    • Do the people giving you language learning tips realize what they are doing?

      Again I would argue this isn’t really our responsibility. People make their own choices. If they don’t research the consequences that’s on them, not on us.

    • Where is Speakong based?

      Let’s just say it’s not somewhere where the SEC is going to find us.

    • Is there any age limit to using Speakong?

      For our free plan, the age limit is based on the minimum age to use apps in your country of residence. Our VIP plan uses advanced user anonymization though, so you can use that plan even if you’re 9 years old. Or a dog.

    • How did you get this on the App Store?

      Honestly we were surprised too, but eventually we found out that the app reviewer found the app so compelling they approved it just so they could use it themselves.

    • How do I explain the language learning progress I made with Speakong?

      This feels like one-hundred percent a you problem. Speakong is not responsible in any way for your language learning progress.

    • How do I become a language learning insider?

      Contact us with some details about your language proficiency and the type of access you have to apply for an insider account. Once approved, we’ll send you a guide on collecting language learning tips without being detected at work.